The nomad of different lands

Cursed to be one of its kind, the night queen of the modern world, and born with the golden scars, my life is full with roots of curiosity and exploration. It all started in my early 1000s, when I woke up at 6:00 in the evening from the murmuring of locals and strangers, wearing a [...]


An un-habitable ghost town with silent streets and dilapidated structures with a backdrop of white sand and grey-blue skies encompassing an eerie stillness of the emptiness subdued by the sound of deep tidal waves. It was at night when I sat along the blue oceans on Palk Strait at the end of the Indian land [...]


It was a bright and clear day. The people gathered to participate in the annual Baisakhi celebration. Many people had come from outside the city to witness the shower of celebrations in Amritsar. I felt lucky to be the home ground of celebration. My whole ground was full of thousands of people to welcome their [...]


DISCLAIMER: The content presented here is a fiction and in the favour of public interest. It is no where connected to the current location and the current scenario. The story is dated back to 1957 when this secret utopia of Nek Chand, the government official who started this garden in his spare time, was close.  [...]


India never suspected that China would ever launch an attack, but it did. India was attacked on October 20, 1962, in what came to be known as the Sino-India war of 1962. Trade between Tibet and India’s Himalayan regions was halted, with bitter consequences for those in the Indian Himalaya who depended on it. Then [...]


PART III: THE STATIC WHEEL OF STORIES The Deccan Sultanates left the city barren, destroying the richness and spirit with their terror and power. The black turbans did not only steal the beauty but the settlement and holiness which took centuries to form. Alas, the Empire fell down into pieces and the monopolies of the [...]


PART II: ROLLING THROUGH MYTHOLOGICAL RUINS. Turning back to his identical Vanara brother, Sugreev, he knew he was portrayed and betrayed. Hearing Rama bhaiya, his attacker turned behind, and Vaali realized that he was Lord Rama, an avatar of The Vishnu. Shot with an arrow in his heart, remembering how he was provoked to fight [...]


PART I : UNLOCKING SECRETS OF THE CHOSEN ONE. People say marriages are made in heaven that they are the union of two sacred souls. But this wedding of love and devotion is scripted in the sacred texts. My devotee hill, Hemakuta, has not only been the eyewitness of Lord Shiva's consent to marriage, but [...]

Shouting soul of an ignored.

Not all buildings are adored, some are ignored. One such adobe of god, which was ironically the first structure to stand in the summer capital of Himachal Pradesh, was once declared unstable by the Government. Ask mortals  "What does God look like?" You may hear many unusual answers but, have you ever heard..... A resident [...]

Every stone speaks of its volume, just listen.

A dilapidated wooden structure standing still at the vantage point, admiring the hills and valleys and the gushing sounds of my companion, Baspa river, the Kamru Fort ,people say is among the oldest forts in Himachal Pradesh. I have been witnessing the periods of this structure, from the throne to the fort. Starting from the [...]