People say marriages are made in heaven that they are the union of two sacred souls. But this wedding of love and devotion is scripted in the sacred texts. My devotee hill, Hemakuta, has not only been the eyewitness of Lord Shiva’s consent to marriage, but also gone through fury, love, devotion, fear, struggle, and glory over three different dynasties.

Maybe because the only kind of music gold listens to is Rock?

Welcome to Hampi! Insider or outsider, you will find an essence of secretive myths and a strange connection in every structure you visit and feel, even mine! It is believed, Lord Shiva has performed penance here, on Hemakuta hill, before marrying a local girl named ‘Pampa’ or Parvati. Determined to marry Lord Shiva, she practiced asceticism, yoga, and tapasya. Astounded with her dedication he agreed to marry her and this moment was celebrated with music and ‘gold rain’ followed by the name Hemakuta (meaning Gold in Sanskrit) Hills.

Honored to be the chosen one to stand at the foothills of this auspicious place, I, the crown of Virupaksha, solemnly swear to the holy river Tungabhadra, to carry the legacy forward to all the coming centuries. Ever been on top? It’s not easy!!

My best friend, River Tungabhadra, never left my side.

I have been erected as a thought-process of different minds, dynasties and rulers emerging from a young shrine in the 7th Century to a sprawling complex with many sub-shrines, pillared halls, flag posts, lamp posts, towered gateways, and even a large kitchen in this 21st century Kalyug does make me feel like the great grandfather of the Indian temple tribe!

Within this mythological theatre, you will observe absolute historic drama .

Looking into my alluring eyes, 168 feet high Gopuram, you will be reminded of the great Kailash Parvat. My tall eyes lead you to an entire complex of sanctums, royal corridors, and courtyards. While you walk towards my heart you will catch a glimpse of many hands- carved stone carvings which enfold you by portraying not only Lord Virupaksha’s (Lord Shiva) life but also epic Mahabharata and Ramayana. Do you feel this captivating spiritual aura which makes you linger longer than expected? No? Let yourself drown deep into the world of myths, science, visions, and holy creatures. Listen to them, aren’t they speaking to you? Walk within. Look around and Oh wait…. Don’t miss my favorite, the rare 3-headed Nandi, before you leave! The guides say it epitomizes the Hindu Trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. The more you walk away the closer you reach. When you reach my heart, the shrine of Lord Shiva, as promised I reveal my age wholeheartedly by showing the vegetable inked murals and stucco work around and above you. Wondering about the cultural grandeur?? Natural it is! Also, this far-ended design helps me to provide a ‘happily ever after’ ending through the Kalyan Mantapa while the other reveals imperfections through the hall of 100 pillars. You like it?

Looking over the crumbling ruins since the 7th Century!

Every shrine has its own story, own secrets, and own carvings. The more you soak up the stories, the more you will fall in love with this place. Let’s go to the part which will surely fascinate you. Want to come? Climb this flight of stairs. Wait, do you see the wall in front of you? Photographers caption this tiny hole as ‘Lights, Camera anddd Action’…. To regard the magic of the ‘inverted shadow effect’ of the second highest Gopuram of India.  Amazing, isn’t it? Another amazing fact is…. Not only Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, but Lord Vishnu also paid a visit to this lost kingdom.

Dealing with the turmoil of two brothers to gain control over the throne, the city has already been already under struggle. Restoring the throne by the younger brother, the elder was betrayed and killed. Trying to breathe hard he looked at the face of his attacker. The one who portrayed humanistic values. The one who he had thought was his friend.


to be continued…..



      1. Great Indian histories extreme rich dynasty Vijaya Nagar kingdom. I am not impressed the way govt preserving this place. They must show case in different way to tourists and make it memorable. But no one cares and it is more and more towards getting ruined. Restorations is not treasure hunting its bringing back its charm. This is what I can express. Hope they can do it better than now. Cheersโ€ฆ. ๐Ÿ’– ๐ŸŒฟ ๐Ÿ™ ๐ŸŒน ๐Ÿ‘Œ

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