Turning back to his identical Vanara brother, Sugreev, he knew he was portrayed and betrayed. Hearing Rama bhaiya, his attacker turned behind, and Vaali realized that he was Lord Rama, an avatar of The Vishnu.

Shot with an arrow in his heart, remembering how he was provoked to fight with trees and boulders, with fists, nails, and teeth. Taking his last breath and realizing how smartly he was killed by Lord Rama. He knew it was his best mate or his brother’s counselor,  who knew how to defeat the boon of his strength. His last breath justified his mixed set of emotions when he asked: ” Why did you do this Hanuman?”

Vanars looking after the city.

Composed of granite, a mere boulder in the Ramayana or may be a product of the generations piling around since the battle, I, would like to continue where Mr. Virupaksha left. Believing the stories told by my great-great grandfather, this region holds its importance not only in history but also in sacred texts. The ever since Kingdom of the Vanaras has a rugged beauty to this region.

Following the footsteps of Lord Rama, are the number of boulders, one can see around thus building their own Lakshman Rekha. But there is so much hidden within it…Want to travel along? Let’s start with the Matanga Parvat, on the southern banks of my mother river which has its own mythological touch in the modern world. You know it was Sage Matanga who benefitted Sugreev from the magical protection and placed a curse of death on Vaali if he dared to enter it.

Rolling over to my home, HOLY? SERENE? Red. She is my mother, Pampa, now river Tungabhadra, also closely associated with Ramayana. Take a bath in the delightful red waters…don’t be scared.! Okay….you can cross over on a tiny circular coracle boat. But beware of the boatmen as they are experts in giving you multiple 360-degree spins. Roll faster towards the Ajanadri Hills, the believed adobe of Lord Hanuman. You can visit the temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman only after sloping down, Oops, climbing 576 steps. Don’t worry, you will be accompanied by numerous monkeys throughout your journey! 

Do you want to roll over with our boulder?

Where to next? Now let me take you to a secretive and most picturesque place hidden within our tribe and hills. From the foothills of Ajnadri hills are the ways to Pampa Sarovar. Full of lotus blooms, it is among one of the five holy sarovars installed by Lord Brahma.  It encloses the entire complex of the Sabari Cave, the old women who was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. When you enter the cave, you can picture the whole incident which then turned out to be a significant move for Lord Rama. Residing in the ashram of Guru Matanga, she always wanted to be blessed with one visit of Rama which her  Guru ensured. Waiting for years, she was delighted when Lord Rama came in search of Sita to her. She plucked the best fruits and offers to the brothers.  Lord Rama accepts as a symbol of love and devotion. Sabari on hearing about Sita advised Rama to take help from Sugreev, King of Kiskinda and Lord Hanuman. Also, it is said that Rama bathed in the Pampa Sarovar, thus blessing the water forever.

This city is not just famous for its monuments but also its relation to mythology. Every stone and brick and of course ‘Us’ have history engraved within. Known as the ‘Pampa- Kshetra’ and ‘Kiskinda Kshetra’, the magical stories will never fail to amaze.

But the golden era of Hampi did not last long. An abandoned city discovered in sight, telling that the protectors of this divine land fight amongst themselves and results in destroying. But this time, it was not the rulers, but foreign invaders.

Can you spot me in this Kiskinda Khsetra ?

It was a harsh day, a brutal attack. The invaders were riding on the horses wearing a black turban and their faces covered. Trying to destroy what looked beautiful a moment before and to steal the precious, they opened up the challenge for a new glorious realm and it was time for it to be called a new Kheshtra.

‘The Krishna Kshetra’.

to be continued….



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